We’re Back! (online that is.)

Hello, Front Runners! Our wordpress site is up and running again so look forward to regular updates posted here. We’ll start rolling out the summer running fun soon. We’re also on facebook so you can keep up with us there if you prefer: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Triangle-Front-Runners/103565929703807

Day trip to Boone.

So by now those on the BRR team should be into there training plan, or maybe you’re scheduled for a marathon or half later in the year that you’re training for. Either way, a change of scenery can be a great boost to your training strategy.

We will take a drive out to Boone either July 14/15 or 21/22 (tbd depending on everyone’s schedule). Where we will run up Howard’s Knob (awaiting smart ass comments). We will arrive around 10am, set off on a 5.5ish mile run with about 1200ft gained during the first 2 miles.

We will test not only our climbing skills but also our descending skills. Plus we’ll be at over 5000ft so can experience the difference that will make. We can make a repeat trip 4 weeks later to see how we’re doing.

We’ll stick around for lunch before making our way home.

Please comment below if you would like to join the day trip.

Update: The following plans have been decided upon for the training day in Boone. We will convene at the South Point Mall park and ride lot (by the cinema) at 7 am on Sunday 15th July. From there we will car pool to Boone for a run up Howards Knob. We’ll stop for lunch then make our way back. For those on the BRR team, we’ll probably use the same lot for our Asheville trip.

See you at the end of June

Well I’m out of here for a couple of weeks. Feel free to use the website and Facebook to connect with each other and keep on running. I’ll be back at the end of the month. Melissa.

June news

So what’s happening this month? Well our Saturday run will continue at the new Duke Forest location, hwy 751 and Kerley rd followed by breakfast at Nosh. We welcome all distances and paces including walkers. Thursday will remain at 7pm from the Community Center Park in Chapel Hill.

Happy Hour this month will return to Chapel Hill and we’ll celebrate the arrival of summer on Friday June 29th with a beer run from the community center up to He’s Not Here for a blue cup. For those of you that have not participated in any of our beer runs the concept is simple, run up Franklin St, drink beer, run back down Franklin St. I hope you’ll join us for this one.

After this Saturday I will be away for a couple of weeks but will see everyone again at the end of the month.

Latest news

So during last weeks Saturday run I noticed the flyer on the board announcing the closure of our section of the ATT from June 11th for approximately 1 year. This isn’t a huge deal as we were going to move Saturday runs anyway so instead of going to the Al Beuhler Trail (not my favourite), we’re going to move to the trails of Duke Forest,  Please review the group runs page for more information.

I also want to let all BRR members know that a trip to visit the route is scheduled for last weekend in July.  Check out the comments on the BRR page for the details.

A few announcements

I’ll try to keep this short, we have a few things to get through. First, May happy hour will give us a chance to get the long weekend started at The Carolina Ale House on 15/501bus in Durham on Friday 25th.

Second, we have a Blue Ridge Relay team meeting this weekend (19th) at 11am. We will cover all the basics of how the relay works, discuss training and preparations, and cover anything that folks may be concerned about. Please me if you need the address.

Third, on the first Saturday of the month we normally move our run to Umstead state park and hit the trails. June 2nd we have another opportunity some of you might like to attend. There is a dog walk on Dukes East campus to support the APS of Durham. Those of you with dogs are welcome to join the walk, those without are welcome to volunteer or move your regular run to the trails of the East campus.

Fourth, starting June 9th, our Saturday run will be moving to the Washington Duke Trail in Durham. Depending on the weather we may have to move the time to 8am. For now we will keep it at 9am. We may soon be moving our Thursday night run back an hour too do stay tuned for announcements about that.

Okay, I think that’s it for now. I’ll post a link about the dog walk soon.

Where did the last month go?

I’ve just realised how long its been since I last posted, I feel like I’m in a time warp, somewhere along the way I blinked and lost the last month.

Anyway, Saturday May 5th should be our scheduled visit to Umstead State Park in Raleigh.  I won’t be able to make it but hope the rest of you  decide to give the trails a go.  If you’ve been racing recently I will be updating our results page sometime this weekend so make sure you email your results to me at info@trianglefrontrunners.org.  I will be adding a page especially for our Blue Ridge Relay endeavours so stay tuned for that and if you are on the team expect an email soon.